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I just wanted to commend you guys for such excellent service. I spoke to Millet who patiently and carefully explained each product to me. Even...


Magic Sing ET-28KH English
Magic Sing ET-28KH English
  • Model: ET28KHENG
  • Shipping Weight: 7lbs
  • 100 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Enter Tech

Price:   $349.00

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Details: Magic Sing ET-28KH English (ET28KH) HD Wireless Home Karaoke microphone from Enter Tech comes with two (2) digital wireless microphones and has several new features that include customizable background and Smart Score system.

What's new with the ET-28KH English?
  • Smart Score System
  • Download songs from NetKara.com (Plug and Enjoy!)
  • 3 Song Chip Slots (For Additional Song Chips)
  • Record Yourself Singing for replay and share with other devices
  • Customizable Background (With Your own Video and Pictures)
  • Dynamic Musical Note display
  • Changeable Melody Instrument
What comes with the ET-28KH?
  • Two (2) Digital Wireless Microphone
  • Over 2,000 built-in songs and upgradeable via USB card. More songs can be downloaded from www.netkara.com
  • HDMI Output (HD Video & Audio)
  • Plug and Play (Easy to Setup)
  • Reservation (Up to 100 Songs)
  • Favorite Songs List (Up to 100 Songs)
  • Echo, Key, Tempo Controls
  • Random / Repeat / Continuous Playback
  • Dimension: 155(W) x 200(H) x 59(D) mm
  • Wireless Mic. Bandwidth: 2.4 GHz
  • Weight: 420g
  • TV input Channel: HDTV / Composite
  • Display Resolution: 1080 x 720(HD), 720 x 480(SD)
  • Audio Output Power: Max 2Vrms
  • Operation Temperature: 0 °C ~ 60 °C
  • Power Supply: AC Adaptor (DC 9V/1.5A)
  • Jump (Prelude and Interlude)
  • USB host supported
  • Auto power off
  • Quiet Mode
  • Lyrics on/off

The following are compatible song chips for Magic Sing ET-28KH:
  • Tagalog 3 (20-Pins), Tagalog 4 (20-Pins), Tagalog 5 (20-Pins), Tagalog 6 (20-Pins), Tagalog 7 (20-Pins), Tagalog 8 (20-Pins), Tagalog 9 (20-Pins), Tagalog Star (20-Pins), Tagalog Xtreme 1 (20-Pins), Tagalog Xtreme 2 (20-Pins), Tagalog Xtreme 3 (20-Pins), Tagalog Xtreme 4 (20-Pins)
  • POP 20 (20-Pins), Pop 21 (20-Pins), Pop 22 (20-Pins), Pop 23 (20-Pins), Pop 24 (20-Pins), Pop 25 (20-Pins)
  • MPOP 1 (20-Pins), MPOP 2 (20-Pins), MPOP 3 (20-Pins)
  • Love Song (20-Pins)
  • NPOP 705 (20-Pins)
  • Spanish LT1 (20-Pins), Spanish LT2 (20-Pins), Spanish LT3 (20-Pins), Spanish LT4 (20-Pins), Spanish LT5 (20-Pins), Spanish LT6 (20-Pins), Spanish LT7 (20-Pins), Spanish LT8 (20-Pins)
  • Spanish 1 (20-Pins), Spanish 5 (20-Pins), Spanish 7 (20-Pins), Spanish 3 (20-Pins)
  • Spanish Mariachi (20-Pins)

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