thank you, Millet.

Thursday 10 May, 2012

People need to know that it is so much easier and definitely more practical to buy from you guys than it is walking into a store. You have no idea - I visited and called filipino stores to inquire about the magic mics and the prices were outrageous! I feel bad for people who buy from them because the difference runs about about $75 to $150. You can call them and ask so you can see for yourself. I looked around Jersey City. Thank good I found you guys on the web. And honestly, your competence and customer service is excellent. Absolutely much better than the people I dealt with in person who have no real idea of what they are trying to sell (although I would like to point it out that it is not their fault because most of them are cashiers). If it helps your customers, you can even post this letter as well. So thank you, Millet.
Testimonial By: Lorena Vivas

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