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I was VERY impressed

Thursday 10 May, 2012

Just wanted to say I was VERY impressed through the whole experience of dealing with you. I shop online a lot. But, the promptness of the order processing, the verification phone call, and the speedy delivery (as promised) made this a VERY pleasurable experience!!! I will recommend you to all my friends!!!
Testimonial By: Robert James Dilliplane

Thank you, and happy holidays!

Thursday 10 May, 2012

I'd like to thank you for making my first overseas internet purchase a perfect one. I received my order very well within the stipulated 7 day delivery. I was so thrilled upon getting my parcel and put the item to test. Thank you, and happy holidays!
Testimonial By: Maribelle de Guzman

I will recommend WEBBYSHOP to others

Thursday 10 May, 2012

Hi Millet. Thank you so much for this information. One always wonders when using a new web vendor, how reliable they are. I will recommend WEBBYSHOP to others. You are an excellent representative for your company. I hope they realize how valuable you are to them.
Testimonial By: Lynn Rice

Thanks again and I will definitely shop for more!

Thursday 10 May, 2012

I recently purchased a Tagalog microchip from your site and I received it right away. I must admit I was a bit skeptical at buying something from a website that I am not familiar with, but you guys are awesome! I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with the way the transaction was handled and the shipping was extra ordinarily fast. Thanks again and I will definitely shop for more!
Testimonial By: C. Imperial

Well Millet, you have done it again

Thursday 10 May, 2012

Well Millet, you have done it again!!! You have demonstrated exemplary customer service like nothing I have experienced before!!! I received my R&B Motown song chip today. Thank you so very much for all of your added help!!! My family and friends are thoroughly enjoying our EG18000 Magicsing!!! I just pack the lovely carry bag that came with the Magicsing and take it along. It is definitely a great family time investment that I highly recommend to everyone!!!
Testimonial By: Velma A. - Bermuda

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