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What is Enter Tech Magic Sing?

The Enter Tech Magic Sing is the world's leading karaoke entertainment. It has all the features of a karaoke machine and comes very handy. Selection of songs is as easy as clicking the keypad in the microphone via the revolutionary magic sing song chips.

What are the models of the Enter Tech Magic Sing karaoke microphone?

At present, we offer the following magic sing models:

Magic Sing Bluetooth Mic Mp-30
Magic Sing E1 - One (1) Year Free Subscription
Magic Sing E2 - One (1) Year Free Subscription
Magic Sing EB2 Additional Wireless Mic
Magic Sing EK5 - One (1) Year Free Subscription
Magic Sing ET-23 Pro
Magic Sing ET-30KH

How does Magic Sing microphone work?

The magic sing microphone works simple. Every unit has cables that will be directly connected into the video and audio outputs of your television. To sing, you only need to follow the lyrics and sound from the speakers. To select songs, you need to enter the corresponding number of the song provided in the Magic Sing Song List.

Does magic sing need batteries to work?

The magic sing microphone requires a power source in order to work. You can use either the included AC Adaptor or 2 “AA” batteries. Please note that you can’t use both at the same time. It is also highly recommended that you use rechargeable batteries to save electricity.

What’s inside the Magic Sing package?

A full set of Magic Sing contains the main karaoke microphone, AC adapter, song list, RCA cable, microphone stand and a carrying bag.

Does the Enter Tech Magic Sing karaoke microphone have songs too?

Yes. Enter Tech karaoke microphones models have hundreds to thousands of songs, depending on the model. For additional song list, you can check out the list of compatible song chips.

How to add more songs in the magic sing karaoke microphone?

You need to buy a song chip/s that is/are compatible with your Enter Tech magic sing model.

Can the Enter Tech Magic Sing microphone be used with 110V AC outlets?

Yes. The adaptor included in the package is an AUTOVOLT adaptor. You may plug it in either 110V or 220V without modifying the setting.

What is the difference between Magic Sing Black and Silver model?

“Black” microphones are the early models with octagonal shape while the “Silver” microphones are the newest models with round shape and offers better functionality and capability.

Do I need a recording pack?

While your Enter Tech microphone will work without using a magic sing recording pack, it is however, a must-have accessory as it allows you to record your singing. Your recording can be uploaded to your computer using the provided USB cable.

How to restore the setting of microphone back to its default setting?

Perform Master Reset, by pressing 0 button + PWR button.

What does video input mean?

All Enter Tech Magic Sing microphones have pre-programmed static background such as nature scenes and landscapes that will display on your television.

The newest models of magic sing have built-in external video input that will allow you to change the background into a video from external source like VCD/DVD player and video camera.

What types of song chips are available?

Enter Tech has the widest selection of song chips available in the market. Aside from English song chips, there is also a wide variety of foreign song chips to choose from which include Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Indonesian, Brazilian, French, German, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Italian and others.

Which Enter Tech Magic Sing is most suitable for my need?

We highly recommend that you explore our store to find the magic sing microphone that will best suit your needs. Our magic sing shop has information for every magic sing product that can help you in your decision making.

Can I add songs to my magic sing song chip through internet?

Downloading of songs from the internet is not yet available since it involve a lot of licensing issues. Atleast, here in the United States.

My magic sing works perfectly until it was accidentally dropped. When I try it again the monitor of my TV becomes black and white.

You need to check on the NTSC/PAL mode settings of the microphone. This is causing the television to show black and white images.

How to use the 5OFF coupon?

Upon checkout, enter magic sing coupon code "5OFF" to get $5 OFF on purchase of $50. The coupon is one-time use and applicable to new customers only.

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