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Comparison Chart

Below is the comparison chart that you can use to compare the available magic sing microphones - the ET25K, ET-28KH and ET-23KH.
Built-In Songs 1,945 2,000+ 2,045
Song Chips 40-Pins 20-Pins 40-Pins
SD Ram 256+ DDR 2Gbit
Nand Flash 1G 4G
# of keys 23 30
# of chip slot 4 3 4
HDMI / SD TV selection switch N Y Y
LCD Display N N Y
External video input N Y N
R.C.U (Remote Control) N Y Y
Cable Type Non-detachable Wireless x 2 Wireless x 2
Software Moving picture playing N Y Y
Moving picture background N Y Y
MP3 playing N Y
SD Card support N Y N
USB memory support N Y Y
Wired mic support Y N N
Support TV/AMP mode N N N
Realtime song search (artist/title) Y Y Y
Jump (Prelude and interlude) Y Y Y
MIC Battery support N Y Y
Backgroud mode change N Y Y
Cheering (claps etc.) N N Y
USB connection Y (2.0) Y N
Headphone support N N N
Move songs into main station (From packs or USB memory stick) N N N
Built-In Manual(Help) N N Y
Game Y (8 games) N N
Package Package type Gift box with carry bag Gift box with carry bag Gift box with carry bag
GENERAL FEATURES Software Echo,key,Tempo control Y Y Y
Chain Recording/Playback Y Y N
MP3 chain play N N Y
Random Playback Y Y Y
Number of BG pictures 80 TBD 90
Recording/playback Y Y Y
Display all duplicated song #s Y Y Y
Reservation Y (100) Y (100) Y (100)
Repeat (for practicing) Y Y Y
Continuous play Y Y Y
Change of melody Instrument Y Y Y
Real Time Score Y Y Y
Voice alteration (M-F-M) Y Y Y
My mic (upto 100 customized songs) Y Y Y
Voice multiplex - Guided vocal Y Y Y
Music notes' support (Musical Notation) Y Y Y
Option - display lyrics on/off Y Y Y
'Quiet' mode (Silent mode) Y Y Y
Emhanced lyric display (Lyric Bar) Y Y N
USB Protection Tap N Y N
Score board(History check) Y N N
Song Display(Sorting on Screen) Y Y Y
Auto power off Y Y Y
Duplicated song display Y Y N
BG Image Theme support (9 Themes) Y Y N