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Comparison Chart

Below is the comparison chart that you can use to compare the available magic sing microphones - the ET25K, ET-28KH ET-19K ET-30KH and ET-23KH.
  Enter Tech Magic Sing Microphones






Background Video Input (Live Video Input)    Yes      
Main Mic Wireless    Yes   Yes   
Sub Wireless Mic    Included      
Song Chip Slots  4  
Song Chip case color          
USB Port   Yes       
Key Control   Yes      
Mic Battery Type   2AA       
AC/DC Adapter  Yes Yes       
Car Adapter          
Cable   Wireless       
Songs Included  5,145 2,045  1,945  2,000   
Digital LCD Display  Yes        
Random Playback   Yes  Yes   Yes Yes   
Songs Reserved  100 100  100  100  Yes 
Lyrics on Your TV Screen/Score in Real Time   Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes 
Recording Function  Yes  Yes     Yes 
External Video Input (DVD, Camcorders, Digital Camera)/(Transmit Picture from an External Device to TV Screen)  Yes Yes       
Background Picture    Yes, HD      
Favorite songs my mic   Yes  Yes     
Background image by theme  Yes Yes  Yes     
SD card support for custom background   Yes       
Musical Instrument   Yes       
Song Contest         Yes 
Voice Change  Yes Yes       
FM Transmitter Built-In          
Scoring Competition   Yes      Yes 
Quiet Mode   Yes      
Jump prelude and interlude  Yes Yes    Yes  Yes 
Song Quiz   No      
Echo/ Key/ Tempo  Yes  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
USB Download    Yes  Yes     
Headset Output          
Remote Control Yes  Yes       
Multiplex Yes Yes  Yes     
Sound Quality    MIDI, CD      
Musical Notations Yes Yes   Yes  Yes  Yes
Recording Pack Yes