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Happy 82nd Birthday Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou, who was considered by many as the most visible black autobiographer recently celebrated his 82nd birthday last May 20, 2010. She seems to be so happy on his personal birthday celebration greeting guests at a garden party held on her home in Winston, Salem.

Truly, the celebration was star-studded as it saw singers Naomi Judd and Martina McBride singing a birthday song to her. Also, hip-hop artist and actor Common was also present rendering a song in honor of her.

In a statement, Angelou said that she is very happy as ever as nobody promised her that day. She further spoke in reference to America’s politics adding that America is a country of Republicans, Democrats and Independents, and all must work to make it a better place to live. Although she denied to comment further regarding racism as well as the effects of having a black president.

Among of her notable works was her first autobiography entitled “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.” At first, she didn’t plan to make it a series, but went on to write five volumes of it. The events of the book were episodic and crafted into small series of short stories. Her long and extensive career also includes poetry, plays, directing movies, acting and even public speaking. One of her most notable appearances as an actress was the television series Roots on 1977.

Meanwhile, her birthday celebration was mainly focused on her friends and family who gathered to honor her. On the event, she wore a pink pantsuit, a printed top and mauve hat along with fuzzy socks that helped her walk comfortably.

There were just a hundred guests at the party that was sponsored by Lowe’s, the North Carolina-based home improvement store chain, and Harpo Radio, where Angelou has a radio show.