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October 10th, 2010:

All… For the Love of Singing and Magic Sing

Not all music lovers can create their own hymn and music. However, despite of this bare truth, we can all be classified as listeners and occasional singers. If you belong on the side of those people who can only do but appreciate the work of others, then you should not be saddened.  I, myself is admittedly a certified listener but that’s not stopping me from singing. =)

Magic Sing gives me a reason and fulfills my dream in doing my favorite hobby as a music lover – to sing. I have my own magic sing…. the ET-21KV. What about you?

I still love listening music over singing. But my love for singing is something that I can be proud of even I don’t have a golden voice. As long as I can reach the notes, follow the hymn and lyrics, I’m all satisfied. Thanks to my long time buddy, my magic sing.

On the side note…