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August 5th, 2008:

How to Sing Like a Pro

Have you ever wondered about the techniques of professional singers while they are singing? Well, they simply follow some steps in order to create an outstanding performance. And you can also do the same thing. Here are some helpful steps from wikiHow on how to sing like a professional singer.

1. The most important thing of all is to sing whenever and wherever you can. If you love singing enough to do that you could become a professional.

2. Tell yourself you can do anything and that you sound brilliant. If you don’t believe in yourself, then why should anyone else?

3. Make sure your voice is strong before you start. Take voice lessons and exercise your voice. Your instructor can also give you a more objective view of your capabilities, and tell you whether professional singing could be an option for you.

4. Lose your shyness. Don’t try and hide the fact you are singing — be loud.

5. Lead others. When you are singing with other people, take charge of the song; don’t go down to their level.

6. Make sure you sing from your diaphragm.

7. When you sing your vowels, open your mouth so it is long. If you feel like you’re practically smiling when you sing, you might sound kind of nasal-y.

8. Stand up straight, but not too straight. Stand like you normally would, and relax your shoulders. If your shoulders are tense, it could be difficult to breathe correctly.

9. Have a teacher or a friend who knows how to read music help you. It seems odd, but sometimes singers need help remembering to breathe, or they’ll run out of breath. If they remind you to breathe in between each phrase, you won’t run out.

10. Practice! We all know practice makes perfect (or as close to perfect as we’ll get). If you keep singing the same songs over and over again experimenting with dynamics, you’ll sound great. Little things like that make a huge difference in your overall performance.

The stated steps above are just some of the many things that you need to consider to become a certified singer. But if you take karaoke singing as a hobby only, just be yourself and have fun.