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March 20th, 2008:

Top 10 Inspiring Songs For Holy Week

I read a blog listing down the top ten inspiring songs for the holy week. These songs according to the author, reflect on his favorite songs that he feels symbolize the meaning of Holy Week, the songs that will definitely be playing on his Ipod over the next few days. The songs are both old and new, and are listed with the author’s comments.

10. “The Bunny Song“: Yes, I believe a little levity is needed-even during Holy Week— and this is one of my all-time veggie tunes!

9. “The Lord’s Supper“: I know this isn’t a song, it’s a CD, but there is no way I can pick just one song off John Michael Talbot’s reflective masterpiece using the words from the Last Supper as inspiration for every song.

8. “Remember Me“: I have always liked Bryan Duncan’s creative look at Jesus’ final words to one of the thieves on the cross next to him.

7. ‘Via Dolorosa“: It’s a classic song that has been translated into several other languages for it’s reflection on the road of suffering. If you can’t deal with the Sandi Patti version, there are a couple of other covers of the song out there.

6.”El Shaddai“: Another classic song that has stood the test of time. I prefer the Michael Card version over the Amy Grant version, or the Michael W. Smith version, or any number of other renditions.

5. “By His Wounds“: Third Day singer Mac Powel joins Steven Curtis Chapman and others on one of the more memorable Easter worship songs of recent year as they sing this version of Isaiah 53.

4. “Carry My Cross“: One of the many hits by CCM group Third Day, this is one of my favorites, placing me at the site where Jesus carried my cross to Calvary.

3.”Sunday” : Tree 63’s popular song that puts a spin on the catch phrase, “It’ Friday, but Sunday is coming” but the lyrics have real depth underneath that fluffy pop sound.

2.”Liquid“: This is the first song I ever heard from Jars of Clay and it is still hauntingly beautiful in its depiction of the crucifixion.

1.”Pride (In the Name of Love)”: Of course, I have to give the top spot to the U2 hit—the best rock n’ roll anthem about Jesus ever written.

For the Holy Week, you may slip in Enter Tech Magic Sing Gospel Song Chip and celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection by singing wonderful songs for Him.

Have a blessed Holy Weekend!