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October 7th, 2007:

Karaoke the Star

How many times have you seen karaoke as part of the cast in movies? If you’re a karaoke fan, you know when your favorite singing gadget has appeared as a film prop. Like in my My Best Friend’s Wedding, when Julia Robert’s character wanted to embarrass Cameron Diaz’ character in front of everyone, including obviously the fiancé (Dermot Mulroney’s character) by pushing her to sing which she knows the fiancée can’t, with karaoke of course as our valuable prop. In turn, the planned turned out the opposite, with the fiancée’s croaking voice becoming adorable to the audience. We all know what happened after that. Actually, that part of the movie was pretty memorable to me, since the first time I sang with a karaoke in a big class party, my classmate said my voice was similar to that of Cameron’s character, which also, such croaky voice became adorable to them. Haha.

How about in High School Musical, where Zac Ephron and Vannessa Hudgens’ characters first met in a party as randomly chosen guests to sing a duet, making initially visible their chemistry for singing and visible our valuable prop once more! Until they met again in school and tried out for the school play. There are in the list, like in Jim Carrey’s The Cable Guy, Lost in Translation, and Rush Hour 2, where Chris Tucker had his own karaoke act, including outmaneuvering another karaoke singer. Duets is also another film featuring karaoke as the central theme. Jackpot, also featured karaoke bars as locations where the lead character toured, taking chances to fame as a country singer.

Then there’s also the 2006 independent film “The Karaoke King” and the Thai comedy-movie Fun Bar Karaoke, where the lead actress’ father fell in love with a karaoke bar hostess who’s the girlfriend of a mobster. A hitman is dispatched to kill the father, and the lead actress ends up falling in love with the hitman. There is also the documentary “Karaoke Fever” featuring karaoke contestants. In the documentary they go after six aspirants as they vie for one of the coveted spaces in America’s largest singing contest, the Karaoke fest. Competing for fifteen thousand dollars and a recording contract, they are not only singing for the audience’s enjoyment, they are also singing for their lives.

Wow, look! She’s a star, the karaoke!